Corti and Cigarettes festiwal

The fourth annual Corti & Cigarettes Festival was recently celebrated in the small town of Piove di Sacco, near Padua. Visitors from all around the world gathered to sample the local cuisine, admire artisan crafts, and enjoy traditional music and dance.

The Corti & Cigarettes Festival has its origins in the liquor and tobacco production of the area. The celebration is a testament to how much pride the residents take in their work, offering one night of revelry celebrating two of their main products.

On the evening of the festival, visitors congregated at the central piazza. Many opened cigars and started smoking, while others sampled various types of Amerizano liqueur. Everywhere there were people enjoying the spirit of the event, filling the air of Piove di Sacco with chatter, laughter, and the smell of smoke.

Hearty food filled stomachs before guests got down to listening to traditional music played on Italian instruments like accordions and lutes. Participants were entranced by fiery performances from local folk drums and tambourine bands who showcased their remarkable skill. Dancing then A began for those with energy – both young and old – clapping hands and moving their feet in circles under stars until almost midnight. Finally, fireworks lit up the sky as attendees watched bewitched by this wondrous display.

The end result was a unique experience that blended heritage with modern festivities, offering everyone a night to remember in this humble Venetian town. It’s not too late to join in on the Corti & Cigarettes fun either – mark your calendar now for next year!

Music lovers around Europe are buzzing with excitement as Corti and Cigarettes Festiwal 2021 officially kicks off tomorrow. Celebrating its fifth anniversary, Corti and Cigarettes Festiwal will bring the energy of underground music to audiences around the world with live performances, virtual interactive sets and exclusive DJ sets.

Headliners include some of the most renowned DJs in the world: ZKAF, Mahalo and Ashanti Rose. With a mix of electro-pop, funk and hip hop, these three artists are sure to get everyone on their feet and dancing along to all-night sets. Other exciting acts include Paris-based artist Noe Simon, Slovakia’s rising star K27RU and AUL Worldwide from Germany.

The festival takes place across two days, giving attendees multiple opportunities to explore both the music and atmosphere of the event. In addition to music acts and DJ sets, Corti and Cigarettes Festiwal will also feature a selection of creative activities for attendees. From visual art displays to an arts market, attendees can enjoy a vibrant range of sights, tastes and sounds at this unique festival experience.

For safety reasons, the majority of attendees will be joining virtually this year. There is a dedicated online portal where viewers can watch sets live or catch up on archived performances in real time. Attendees have the chance to interact with performers through virtual squares outside of the stage space – making it feel as if they are right there in the crowd alongside other audience members!