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The International Short Film Festival Corti and Cigarettes, now in its seventh edition, is renewing its commitment to research, dissemination and promotion of the best short films from around the world. Over 1900 films of the festival came to the direction of emerging authors and new production in these 5 years.

The event, awarded by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano as one of the best film festivals in Italy aiming to be a manifestation always changing, always updating, which will also contribute in the next year to generation of Italian filmmakers.

Corti and Cigarettes thanks to the experience of the past editions (2008-2009-2010-2011), intends to maintain also for the 2012 edition its commitment to the research, spreading and promotion of the best short films in circulation.

The fifth edition of the Festival, which will be held in Rome on September  2012, presents a review which this year aims to identify, publicize and promote, through the two sections (International Shorts and Experimental Shorts) the most valuable short films of the Italian and international scene.

During the festival, emerging authors, experts of online film criticism, representatives of the new production figures which have appeared through the cost reductions made possible by digital technology, will meet as part of an initiative that will focus on cultural promotion, thanks to round tables and debates between directors, producers and technicians, on today’s main issues in field of cinema.

Corti and Cigarettes will continue after the end of the review. Through the website of the event, it will be possible to see the competing works and create virtual debates on both the directing techniques and the topics addressed. In this way all directors, members of the audience and film lovers taking part in any of the Festival phases will be able to compare their experience, their technical and artistic proficiency, their film tastes.

Since its inception Corti and Cigarettes addressed, both in terms of public and film makers attending, a creative audience with opinions and ideas that are often radically beyond stereotypes.

In the previous editions, thanks to the number of participants, guests, public and professionals, the Festival succeeded in creating an exchange and a constructive movement by opening the way to collaboration between production agencies and authors, actors and directors, which fruitfully continues today (e.g. many of the short film finalists have participated in other national and international festivals and some directors reached agreements with producers creating new projects).

The long term goal is to create a shared moment, a recurring event in the life of the city of Rome, where emerging cinema, even the experimental one, can find a space, as is the case for other existing and well established realities already in the capitals of Central and Northern Europe .




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